"A Company designed for Camper 4x4"

4x4 Works

Can you think of anything else that isn't in the list... we'll do it too!

  • Approach and organization of the roof according to the needs of our customers
  • Installing stations
  • Installing additional gas and water tanks
  • Improve suspension system
  • Cushioning and Crossbows
  • led lighting
  • Steel bumper
  • Snorkel Installation
  • Height increase
  • Installing Winch
  • Replacement of spare wheels in roof and rear doors

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Campers Interiors

  • Installation of lifting ceilings in 4x4 campers
  • Installation of heating and hot water by diesel fuel
  • Gasoil glass-ceramic installation
  • Manufacture of all kinds of fiber complements
  • Conditioning as a 4x4 camper van
  • Awning installation
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Installing windows
  • Installing furniture to suit the needs of each client
  • Installing antennas, parabolic and TV
  • Installation of chest and recessed refrigerator
  • Bike rack installation

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Any kind of works in Vans

Want to build a big sausage? of course... but you can start by having a look at the next list:

  • Reverse sensor installation
  • Reversing camera installation
  • Installing towballs
  • Reverse sensor installation
  • Installing Cruise Control
  • Audio and video installation
  • Headlight polishing
  • Rust and Paint jobs

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Campers4x4.com Do you want to know something else about us?

In Camper 4x4 we are passionate about the camper world and more concretely doing more than off road with our 4x4 campers. This company belongs to the group Furgoplon, born with a very definite idea and is the desire for adventure, have fun doing what we like most that is no more or less than the manufacture of custom campers and also doing something that all That we like this world filled us with satisfaction and is the preparation of the whole subject of mechanics and preparation of the 4x4.

If what you were looking for was a company that prepares your 4x4 camper and does absolutely everything, you have found it, we make 4x4 integral preparations for your van, from a simple change of field covers to give a more muscular image to your van , To preparations that involve lifting suspensions, custom-made snorkel manufacturing, roof racks, built-up roofs, installation of footbridges, compressors, and of course mechanics, turbos, switchboards and a long list of accessories to get the maximum juice To your 4x4 camper.

We work all types of vans, but in particular they do not love the Iveco chassis, the Mercedes Sprinter and Fiat Ducato or VW LT ... but we do not stop here, since we have worked with all kinds of chassis. Just jump, ask us what you need.

We invite you to know us, it will be a pleasure to advise you and share your adventures together.

Interiors of our Camper Vans 4x4

As for the interior furniture and services that we offer, and that you can also find in our furriers and prepared for the 4x4, the following stand out:
-Carpintería to measure, with finishes of great quality, made in poplar board in CPHL and phenolic board of Finnish birch.
-Special furniture fixings
-Insulation and lining of high quality.

Electrical system we installed:
-Battery battery, charge relay

Solar panels flat or flexible etc.
-Dirty and clean water tanks
-Installation of electrical generators.
-Led at required points
-Installation of control units for level control

In case you plan to travel to 4x4 areas where temperatures are not always pleasant, check out the air conditioning system we offer.
-heating and stationary hot water by gasoil Webasto
-Air conditioning in living area
-Neil water evaporator

We also install awnings to take refuge from the warm temperatures of the desert, or from the possible rain that can affect your adventure 4x4:

It is very important the theme of aeration in a camper 4x4, therefore, we also install:
-Windows and Skylights

If you are thinking of carrying out your adventure with family, friends, acquaintances, or just do not feel like going alone, we can install:
-Rotatory Bases
-Installation of approved seats

You are a cook or you like juggling in the kitchen, we will do a complete installation of it:
- Gas or Vitro type Cooker installations whose operation is by diesel.

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