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Prepared trips to Maroco in Campers 4x4

The team of Camper4x4, is working so that very soon to be able to offer routes for Morocco in 4x4 camperized vans with all the comforts of this type of vehicles. At this moment different routes are being planned, in order to offer different packs from the lightest to the most difficult each with a different difficulty profile. This type of 4x4 organized trip will create a mandatory packs that includes the entire organization and logistics of the trip and then there will be a series of extraordinary and totally voluntary activities such as camel excursion through the dunes of the Sahara, fly over paramotor the Sahara Or spend an entire day in luxurious facilities with pool in the middle of the desert.

If you are an experienced 4x4 and you really want to lose yourself in the desert, on your own, without the help of an expert team in the 4x4 campers, simply go to the next link for the rental camper 4x4 rental

Below you will see the different modalities that we can offer you.

Travel to Morocco in 4x4 camper


In this section we are designing for you organized routes in our 4x4 campers to Morocco so that you can live a unique experience, doing 4x4 caravaning in the Sahara desert and enjoying activities that we will have organized for you, such as camel excursions through the desert sands , Or flying the Sahara in an engine room, or sharing a couscous with a Bedouin family. If you like the world camper and adventure you can not miss this trip.

Travel to Portugal in Camper 4x4


In this section we are designing a route with camper vans to Portugal where in one week we hope to show you every corner of the Algarve in the south of Portugal, we will camp in beaches where the accesses for the cars and camper vans are very complicated and yet we with our 4x4 campers We can enter and camp without any problem. If you are interested we recommend following this section because it is where we will be hanging the different trips that we are preparing for you.

More about our guided tours and trips with campers4x4

Are you the ones who like adventure and also you are passionate about the 4x4 world? Great..!!! Because in camper4x4, we are preparing adventure trips in 4x4 vans prepared as campers, to make unforgettable trips to Morocco. These are organized trips in 4x4 furgos, with a multidisciplinary team that will make your experience unforgettable. We will take care of you with places with spectacular landscapes where we can never arrive with a normal camper or camper, and where we will practice our skills in driving 4x4, we will drive a lot if, for all types of terrain yes and conditions, but also enjoy Camping and sharing the moments of the day with the group chatting and getting to know us better.

The team in charge of the expedition will be composed of a multidisciplinary group whose only purpose is to lead the caravan of 4x4 campers throughout the itinerary so that everything goes according to plan, and of course, solve any type of incident that as in any adventure can To emerge, for this the expedition will be directed by a pilot of extensive professional experience of the Paris Dakar and for that reason great connoisseur of Morocco, the assistance will also have a mechanic and maintenance technician to resolve any incidence that could be given and as not a technician Of video to record all the great moments that in this adventure we are going to live.

The camper 4x4 vehicles, which we have are vehicles that we conscientiously prepared as far as the mechanical part is concerned and also in the part of camper, to minimize the possible incidences that may arise. All our vehicles have basic comfort conditions such as air conditioning, awning, plates and spare wheel, spare wheels, special tires, water tanks, shower, kitchen etc.

When you get your package, you can choose to travel in a 4x4 camper alone or with your partner, a family member or friend or do it by sharing adventure with more people, you decide how you want to travel.

As for the necessary documentation for entry to Morocco you will not have to worry about anything, insurance, fill out forms etc. we will take care of everything, you will simply have to take care of enjoying and having fun.

Every trip we organize from now on we will announce and advertise well in advance on our website and social networks so if you are interesting to share adventure with us we recommend that you visit our website from time to time follow us on the networks Of communication Facebook, Twitter, Histagram and like not by our channel YouTube where we will be hanging the different trips that we are doing.

At present we are working hard to make that first trip, organizing, so if you are interested we invite you to fill in the following form. With this form what we intend is firstly to know your interest in this type of adventure trip in a camper4x4, to keep you informed and second to know a little more about you, your hobbies, your hobbies, your favorite sports, if you would like Travel alone or accompanied, if you have any illness, if you have some type of experience in this type of travel, etc.

Surely you ask yourself and why is all this information necessary? Very simple, basically because this type of trip is not suitable for all public and therefore we have to make a thorough selection depending on the profiles you send us, sometimes we will find more than 75Km of civilization in the middle of the desert Of the Sahara completely disconnected and my distance from all kinds of services, where our only communication with the rest of the world will be a satellite phone, which is understandable if a person suffers from a serious illness, would not be a good candidate To this type of trip, it is not a trip focused on families with young children, for all of this you have to meet certain requirements and meet the profile that we are looking for. It is a very special trip that is out of the ordinary and therefore in that aspect we have to be strict. We do not rule out organizing another type of light trip for families later.

On the other hand, if you are one of those lucky and have your own camper 4x4 and want to join us on our great expedition, you will be welcome, you will simply have to pay the organization expenses. At the moment we are designing the general conditions for these old people, we will keep you informed.

Although this service is currently reserved for companies or organizations that want to rent a 4x4 camper, or to organize a sports or film event that requires this type of vehicle to provide assistance or any other activity, it is also possible to rent in particular A camper 4x4 although in this case the conditions will be those established by Camper4x4 individually depending on the experience that you. Have and use it to give the camper. In any case you must prove enough experience of 4x4 or 4x4 camper.

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