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Furgos Campers 4x4 a la Venta

On this page you will find all the camper 4x4 vans that we have for sale on Camper4x4 Adventure.

In our website we have the camper 4x4 that you were looking for. All the campers that we have available in sales are 4x4, if so, each of the camper furgos that we offer take a different preparation from the cheaper models to the most expensive. We love the engines that give us confidence such as SOFIM 2. 8 JTD engines or the Mercedes Sprinter 2.9 TD with its 5 cylinders, hence our line of work seeks furgos with these engines and hence our gallery conform Vehicles with some antiquity totally restored, and what, the newer 4x4 models with so much electric and its low displacements, from our point of view do not offer us the sufficient reliability.

Since these vehicles have their years, what we do is to make a deep restoration to leave them as new, are worked at all levels of both mechanics, veneer and paint from there depending on the level to which this restoration takes and the Equipment with which it is donated, will cause price differences between some camper and others, although all may be similar years of construction.

In camper 4x4 you can also enjoy the adventure driving a camper 4x4 rental. If before you buy you prefer to try a 4x4 van, throughout the year we offer organized trips in Morocco where you can enjoy the freedom of an off road driving learning the different techniques of driving and in sand, water steps, rescue techniques Of openings with winch and plates in different situations. Check out our section of travels where we will be updating with new travels or you can hire a camper 4x4

You just have to contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need. You can access and see the characteristics of each of the furgos campers 4x4 for sale in each of the links.

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