Approvals of Campers 4x4 in Spain


Homologations Campers
Specialists in 4x4

Our homologation Cabinet, has highly experienced engineers in the sector of the homologation of camper vans and especially of the 4x4 camper. Since camper4X4 we believe and recommend that you put yourself in the hands of professionals for a subject as delicate as the homologation of your van, since a job poorly executed by ignorance without having consulted with a professional before, can lead to many headaches.
In camper4x4 we take care of doing all these procedures for you to legalize the reforms that you have made to your van, or that we have made ourselves, whether of a normal camper or 4x4. Both small reforms and those that are larger.
We make the technical project, and we provide all the certificates of gas installation, the bulletin 220V and the bodybuilder.
Other of the procedures that we carry out are the following
  • Processing of conformity certificates, matching certificates and H reports.
  • Transit European approvals, individual and Spanish type.
  • Unitary approvals in case your van does not have a homologation password
  • Reduced logs for import gaps.


Tire and tire approvals

Tires and tires may be homologated provided that:
  • The load and speed indexes are suitable for the vehicle, the minimum speed rating allowed on off-road is Q
  • Do not leave the newsletter wheel
  • In case you go out, you can always make a customized newsletter in fiber or pvc
  • Do not exceed 10% of diameter difference compared to the original wheel (for further increase consult)
  • If you do not reach the 3% diameter difference (equivalent wheel) you will have to vary track widths or lower the load index and speed, otherwise it will not be reformed and nothing will be approved li>
  • You will not be able to overcome the 15 cm of width of both front and rear tracks (for a greater increase consult)
  • Double centering spacers not exceeding 15 cm wide of both front and rear trli>


Homologation of suspensions

Suspension may be approved provided that:
  • Have a mark and the reference engraved on the spring and the damper (in case of no such mark and reference consult)
  • The maximum permissible lift without the need for braking tests is 10 cm total (that is, you can not exceed 10 cm adding, wheels, suspension, twins, body lift plugs ...)
  • The lifting of a vehicle can be carried out by means of springs and shock absorbers, lifting lugs in springs, lifting lugs between body and body lift, longer twins or increasing the number and or thickness of the leaf springs


Everything about your engine

You can homologate the engine whenever:
  • The new engine is equal to or newer than the replacement and the same vehicle chassis
  • Do not exceed 30% of the vehicle's original power.
  • You have to mount the exhaust intake and complete line of the new engine so that only engines from the same vehicle model as the original could be homologated but with more power but would not match the exhaust line.
  • In order to be able to homologate motors of more than 30% or engine preparations, it is necessary to have them tested in the laboratory for homologation.


Exhaust tailings

An exhaust pipe or tail may be approved provided that:
  • Any exhaust tail after the original silencer of the vehicle that does not protrude from the most protruding part of the rear bumper in 1cm.


Homologation of lights

You could always homologate lights when:
  • Have European approval passports and have the abbreviations of all lights referenced.
  • Suppression of side indicators can be approved.
  • It is possible to homologate led bars also to homologate led bars in ceiling like adornment or work, never as long.
  • LEd lights by day, can be simply homologated with a compliance report, no project is necessary, of course not worth the Chinese, these have to be homologated.
  • The Xenon can be homologated as long as the original complete kit of the brand, complete focus, automatic adjustment, headlight washer and all the original wiring is mounted.
  • In the case of additional long range bulbs, they may not exceed 100 light points among all long range lights.


Homologation of seats in 4x4

You can homologate the rear seats, front passenger and bed seats:
  • As long as they are original
  • Have homologation
  • And for your installation study of forces and masses by our engineers
  • Otherwise they may be included in the project, but they can only be used in camper parking, never traveling


Homologation of Brakes in Campers

Brakes may be approved in some cases provided that:
  • Brakes that come from the same vehicle chassis but of superior motorization
  • Any brake that the braking torque is equal to or higher than the original one. This modification requires testing on
  • Metallic lashes are homologable


Homologation of the Body

The following body parts may be homologated:
  • The front and rear bumpers in steel can be homologated, even if they are handcrafted, as long as there are no corners or sharp corners.
  • Winner (must have documentation)
  • Lifting roof provided that the structure of the vehicle is not modified or reinforced with technical justification.
  • Stretch the side panels or tubular
  • Aletines or stretching of the fins of origin
  • High air snorkels
  • The small registration can not be homologated since there is no specific reform for it, it is only allowed to take it in case it does not enter the large, if it can be homologated its relocation to a side in the case that when assembling the Capstan can not be installed in the center.

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