4x4 Works

Suspension system improvements
Cushioning and Crossbows Lighting Winch
Steel Bumpers
Installation of Snorkels


Camper Accesories

Fridge Instalations
Camper Furniture
Windows Anywhere
Camper Awning Installation
Heater installation in Campers 4x4


More Works

Parking and backup sensor
Trailer Hitch for Campers 4x4
Cruise Control Instalations
Rust and Paint Works

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With campers4x4.com you will have an camper 4x4 van hire service exclusively handmade for you
Given the high level of preparation and equipment of our camper 4x4, the rent service is basically focused on those companies, organizers of sporting events or other type of event, that need a camper of these characteristics, for example organizers of Sporting events in the desert or mountain.
These campers have everything you may need when travelling wheather it be for pleasure or as an organization. You can use the camper in the base camp with the comfort of a camper and even use it as an office as every camper 4x4 has connection laptops, charge, electronic devices, etc. We have thought on each and every one of the details that we understand are necessary for this type of services.
On the other hand these camper have been conceived for this type of rent and there praparations are a complate state of art and they will be able to access any tipy of terrain with average difficulty.

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Approvals in Spain

We guarantee all kind of van approvals:

  • Wheels and separators
  • Suspensions
  • Exhaust Pipes and Tailings
  • Engine Preparations
  • Lights
  • Seats
  • Breaks
  • Body
  • And much more!

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